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kidnapped in Salinas

I Was Almost Kidnapped In Salinas, California | A True Story

It’s story time folks! This story is 100 percent true and describes how I was almost kidnapped in Salinas, California. After I got home from my 30-day train trip in May, I had some Amtrak credits leftover. Knowing I would be on the west coast this September, I decided to use the credit on a Read More

best bars in san antonio

7 Bars In San Antonio You Need Drink In During Your Visit

Whether you plan to spend your time traveling in San Antonio, TX strolling around the River Walk or getting a history lesson at The Alamo, you can always make time to stop for a drink. Don’t stop at just any ‘ol establishment though. When you need to take a break from the Texas humidity, head Read More

flying with your pup

11 Tips For Flying With Your Pup

I recently took Chelsea on her first flight, and like the crazy dog mom I am, it took me weeks to prepare for our trip. It took me several years to even consider flying with my pup, so I wanted to make sure she was safe and comfortable. Chelsea is a short-nosed dog, which can lead to a whole different set of issues while flying, so it’s safe to say I did a ton of research prior to our flight and I’m ready to share them with you here!

Follow these tips when flying with your pup to ensure they have a safe and comfortable trip.

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niagara falls travel blog

Niagara Falls New York: Where the Winds are Fierce and the Views are Mediocre

During my brief stay in Buffalo on my 30-day train voyage, I decided to take a day trip further north to check out Niagara Falls. With my furry friend Chelsea in tow, we took a 30 minute Uber ride to the park on the Canadian border only to find that it was incredibly disappointing. I Read More