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Tips For Traveling With Your Dog This Christmas

Traveling with your dog during the holiday season can be stressful, to say the least. Just last week my dog Chelsea chose the security line at Tampa Airport to liberate herself of a bucket-worth of volcanic diarrhea. I can laugh about it now, but it was definitely something I’d like to avoid in the future.

Even if your pup doesn’t have horrific tummy-troubles when they get nervous as mine does, these tips for traveling with your dog can help your Christmas go smoothly.

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emotional support animal letter for flying

Review of Steady Care Medical’s Emotional Support Animal Letter for Flying

As you now know, I recently took my dog Chelsea on her first plane ride. Before leaving, I had to acquire an emotional support animal letter for flying and have a medical professional fill out a form given to me directly by the airline. This is a new requirement for many airlines which allow you to bring emotional support animals and service animals on flights.

Of course, I waited until the very last minute and needed to find a doctor online who offered a 24-hour turnaround. I also didn’t want to get screwed over by paying for an ESA letter only to learn that it’s not legitimate once I got to the airport. Apparently, that’s a common problem with these kinds of services.

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flying with your pup

11 Tips For Flying With Your Pup

I recently took Chelsea on her first flight, and like the crazy dog mom I am, it took me weeks to prepare for our trip. It took me several years to even consider flying with my pup, so I wanted to make sure she was safe and comfortable. Chelsea is a short-nosed dog, which can lead to a whole different set of issues while flying, so it’s safe to say I did a ton of research prior to our flight and I’m ready to share them with you here!

Follow these tips when flying with your pup to ensure they have a safe and comfortable trip.

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Dog Travel Checklist And Packing Tips For Backpacking Trips

When you’re planning to go on a backpacking trip with your dog, it doesn’t make sense to pack as much as you might for other types of travel. Unless you’re taking a car with you on your trip, you’re going to have to narrow down what you pack quite a bit. Having the limited space available, even when using the largest travel bags, means having to leave some of your pup’s favorite toys at home.

Here’s the ultimate checklist followed by a collection of dog travel tips for your backpacking trip with your pup.

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